Residential Construction

We are a multi-platform development service company. At Lawson Developments we provide full residential and commercial construction services, and land development services (subdivision applications, rezoning, ALR exclusions, variances).

At Lawson we see things differently. We see our strengths in the quality of our people and our genuine relationships with clients, partners and communities.
We see our success linked in our ability to provide certainty through consistent performance. We see our future shared by all that has made us successful in the past.
Our goal at Lawson is to make the development process easy for all our clients, by providing services from start to finish and design-build solutions that include services from the ground up.
We provide residential and commercial construction services, and through our unique partnerships we provide civil construction services allowing us to take the work and worry out of the development process.
Lawson operates under a dynamic and flexible business model focused on construction, consulting, and urban development.
Each division within Lawson has the capacity to integrate other divisions to provide the optimum level of service to our clients across the value chain.